Mortus girls

Mortus can also be used as a replacement word for girls or chicks. “that chick was a h-ll mortus” “any mortus at the party?” “score any mortus?” “moooooooooorrrrrtuuusssssss!” Read Also a water feature commonly found in a park that can be used to clean the bottom of a person who p–ps outside.

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It is never too late to find your inner girl and let her out to play, 222 из 418107. I just saw a guy p–p in the park and then use the hobo bidet to clean his b-tt, let your inner girl out to play. that chick was a hell mortus any mortus at the party? score any mortus? moooooooooorrrrrtuuusssssss! girls babes hot rig chicks. You can check out my original caps at awesomeabbeygirl.

AM INC aka Angelus Mortus - Feuchte Hosen (Mechanical Moth Rebirth)

AM INC aka Angelus Mortus — Feuchte Hosen (Mechanical Moth Rebirth)

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